University studies have shown that preconditioned calves can bring significant dividends to those that are willing to take the extra steps necessary,  to make sure that they have done all they can, to improve the health of the calves that are about to be marketed. Stocker operators and feed lots can ill afford losses and are glad to pay premiums for calves that qualify for this program. If you need help with implementing this program, help is only a phone call away. Just give us or our staff veterinarian a call and we will be glad to help you work your calves or supply the needed meds at wholesale prices.

Ask about our preconditioned calf program.

To qualify must have the following:
Green Tag:

  1. Two rounds of Respiratory shots.
  2. Two rounds of Black Leg shots.
  3. Wormed
  4. Bulls castrated
  5. Dehorned
  6. Weaned 45 days or longer

Orange Tag:

  1. One round of Respiratory shots.
  2. One round of Black Leg shot.
  3. Wormed.
  4. Bulls Castrated
  5. Weaned 45 days or longer

Must provide shot receipts and sign affidavit. ( See forms page for affidavit )