There’s Plenty of Risk in Raising Livestock.
Why Take More Risk When Selling Them?

For a small commission, local auction markets provide the most trusted and secure way to get the best price for your livestock.

Here’s Why:

  • Livestock auction markets protect sellers by acting as the agent to transfer ownership to the buyer. They assume the risk of non-payment for a small commission.
  • You receive immediate payment backed by a bonded and regulated account
  • Auctions have ready buyers to bid on livestock, helping sellers achieve a higher competitive price and greater returns.
  • Auction markets assume responsibility for the livestock upon delivery and provide feed, water and health inspections to maintain their health and reduce shrink.

Paid in full. Paid on time.
Receive a fair, competitive price.

Your best interests are met when your livestock are represented by the marketing professionals at your local auction market. Compared to everything else, a small commission is a cheap peace of mind to ensure fair, immediate payment.

That’s the benefit of selling livestock through your local LMA Member auction market.